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Purple Kush: Mini review

Purple Kush is one of the most distinguishable strains of marijuana mainly because of the pink, violet and deep red hues that make them quite the standout. Moreover, it tastes a lot like purple. “Wait, what?" is something most folks would probably say when hearing that but hear us out. When we say it tastes purple, consider all things that are purple: wine, grapes and candy. While the beauty of purple Kush is quite impressive in itself, it is also quite popular because of the fact that it is a 100% Indica, making everyone super happy, relaxed and giggly too. It just comes with the territory huh? This is the reason why it is one of top ten strains of Marijuana, mixing up great effects and colorful package.

purple kush

These days, a pure stain of Marijuana is really rare thing because of the many strains that come from untraceable as well as messy backgrounds. This ultimately makes purple Kush a rare strain in itself because it is grown out of two hundred percent Landrace Indica strains: Purple Afghani Indica and Hindu Kush. It has a 0% sativa and a 100% Indica, giving it a really powerful, body numbing effect. This surely makes purple Kush something everyone who uses Marijuana definitely want to try it.

Be it for medical or recreational purposes, getting a really good of marijuana strain legally might sound like a problem but it is quite the opposite, in fact. There are online dispensaries that have a good stock of clean strains of marijuana and this is thanks to the fact that they buy from established farms. Now people can, thanks to these online dispensaries, buy Purple Kush Strain and the good thing about online stores is they are available anytime.

purple kush

So if one needs a strain of purple Kush, one can always look up online and check up on where they can order the best strains from. This is definitely much more convenient if compared to that shady dealer isn't it?

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